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On December 25th, 2018 we posted a little poll on our Facebook page. What followed was an all-out war that proved that you can, in fact, fight City Hall.
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Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post

From the Washington Post

Seth Meyers talks about Pho Keene Great

Pho Keene Great was featured in Late Night with Seth Meyers

Pho Keene Great's fight for the right to keep our name appeared in many media outlets (Keene Sentinel, Free Keene, NHPR, etc.) and it was picked by the AP which in turn caused the story to go around the world.

While it is a puny name that we find fun and lighthearted we believe that the fight for our First Amendment rights made it particularly compelling.

Some members of the media were fairer than others.  Some where outright bias and reported without having all the facts.  Yet we thank all as we believe that it all helped start a conversation that ultimately led to the right outcome.

We are currently working on finishing our space up and hoping to open on March 1st, 2019 to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the city of Keene.

Any media queries can be directed to Isabelle Jolie